That’s my brother in there. I just want to take a minute to cry publicly, because I am so proud of the awesome, amazing, intelligent human being my brother is turning out to be.

He is a million times the person I am and I just love him so much.

Good job, Buddy. Good fucking job.


If there’s one thing I regret in my life so far,

It’s allowing myself to be forced into debt and misery because my parents thought college was the best path for me.



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Stress affects children too. Children who grow up in stressful situations have shorter telomeres, an early sign of genetic ageing that makes them vulnerable to diseases such as cancer. Telomeres shrink when cells divide, but when they get too short, the cell can’t divide and dies.




shaving is hard



Seeing a picture of the very sentimental, materialistically meaningless dreamcatcher that my family member bought for me hanging in your room because you’re a cheap cunt who refused to take responsibility for her half of the bills was mildly infuriating.

But then I remembered how happy I am, how my weed dealers don’t ignore me because I know how to shower and don’t reek of B.O.,  how I received a $100 refund from the electric company and am missing nothing that I truly value, and how I’m living in a six bedroom house and not some cheap ass South Carolinian trailer, I think you need that dreamcatcher more than I do.

Enjoy rotting away in that junkie town. You deserve it.


I don’t like being taken advantage of.

How are you going to cut me down from 5 days a week to 4, and then give one of my only money shifts away to a new bartender?

And then have the balls to ask me if I can come in that day to work a lesser paying job?!

Go fuck yourself. 

I walked out of my job today. I’m getting anxious to leave.


I think I’m signing over my lease within the next few days.

I think I’m moving to Austin within the next week or so.

I have never been happier in my life; I cannot wait to actually begin my life.


I will not be controlled.

I will not be told what to do.

I will not be told what I should do, and I will not be made to feel guilty for refusing to accept those terms and conditions to what you define as my happiness.

I will move where I want.

I will be impulsive if I want.

I will be happy, and free, and I will explore the depths of this universe with or without your support or guidance.

And if you don’t learn to let go and accept things for what they are, you will eventually simply lose them.


Anonymous: HAPPY Birthday!


I don’t know why you’re anonymous, since I’m pretty sure you would have to know me to know that today was my birthday, but I love you all the same. THANK YOU!



"Lovers, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, 1973" From Jeffrey Silverthorne’s Morgue Work series. - Imgur